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Castle ESC cages available from RPM R/C Products

Looking to update your Traaxas Slash, Stampede 4x4 or Rally car with one of our legendary Castle Sidewinder ESCs? Our friends at RPM R/C Products have just released a couple of ESC "cages" that make it easier than ever to "Power Up" with Castle. rpm-castle-sidewinder-cage_BLACKThe RPM ESC Cage for both the Castle Sidewinder 3 and the Sidewinder SCT ESCs fit in the stock location on the Traxxas Slash 2WD, Slash 2WD LCG, Slash 4×4, Slash 4×4 LCG, Stampede 4×4 & Rally, while also working on other Traxxas 1/10th scale vehicles.

rpm-castle-Sidewinder_ESC_cage-installedThe RPM Cage simplifies ESC installation and maintenance by providing two screw locations that hold the entire assembly in the vehicle, eliminating the use of double-sided tape or hook/loop fasteners to secure your Castle Sidewinder or SCT Sidewinder.

To fan or not to fan, those are your choices RPM lets you decide if you want to run a fan or not. Because the cage only encases the ESC body, there is plenty of room to install a Castle ESC cooling fan. This clever design leaves the sides of the ESC open, allowing air to reach them.

rpm-castle-sidewinder-cage-3The folks at RPM also include a separate, encased on / off switch mount that bolts directly to the cage in one of four locations for even more installation versatility. And because the switch mount attaches directly to the cage, no extra time is needed to remove it. Or if you choose, you can mount the switch anywhere you’d like simply by drilling and tapping two 2mm holes.

These cool ESC cages retail for $9.95 and are available directly from PRM R/C Products.RPM_logo



Big Squid RC's "mini-review" of Castle's Polarized Connectors

The gang at Big Squid RC - and specifically, Iron Mike, the self-proclaimed "connoisseur of the destruction of rc cars" - recently installed some of our innovative Castle Polarized Connectors and completed a "mini-review" of them. What did they think? Here are couple nuggets we pulled out. "The Castle connectors are no joke for power handling." Big_Squid_Castle_Polarized_Connector_Review3

"Some connectors can’t quite handle the high current demands of 8th scale applications, while others can, but wear out too quickly. We found the Castle 6.5mm connectors easily handled the current demands of 8th scale monster trucks while showing very little wear after a couple months of use."Big_Squid_Castle_Polarized_Connector_Review2

They also showed the recommended soldering method and put the 6.5mm Castle Connectors to the test in a Thunder Tiger MT4 G3, a Durango DEX408 V2 buggy, and an ARRMA Kraton (along with a Mamba Monster 2 and 2650kV motor upgrade), and the 4.0mm units in a Pro-Line PRO-MT and a Vaterra Halix.Big_Squid_ARRMA_Kraton_Electronics_Upgrade

Zip on over to Big Squid RC to read the full mini-review of the Castle Creations Polarized Connectors or here for their step-by-step installation of the Mamba Monster 2 and 2650kV motor into their ARRMA Kraton.