Marc Dunlap

HOMETOWN: Perth, Western Australia

R/C BIO: After many years of 1:1 4wding I needed a way to keep going hard off road without the costly repair bills. I’ve been into various forms of RC so since childhood, but was never really THAT into it until I started comping scale crawlers... it’s been 3.5 years and I’ll be doing this until old age tells me to stop.

FAVORITE CASTLE LINK OPTION: All of them!!! But if I had to choose just one... throttle curve. Nothing beats being in absolute total control of every turn of the tires.

FAVORITE DAILY DRIVER: Right now I’m loving my sportsman class 2.2 comp rig. But each year I put my focus on a different class and push my hardest.

WORDS OF ADVICE: Watch what others do, ask questions, but never underestimate your own ability .  Motivational thought - Push yourself to better than you are, who cares if you are better than someone else, you can never be at YOUR best if you base your own success on someone be else abilities.