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Castle Creations Warranty

All Castle Creations products have a two-tiered warranty.

Tier One
All Castle Creations products are covered with a ONE YEAR full repair/replacement warranty dated by the original or copy of the original sales receipt. This warranty covers all failures that result from material or workmanship defects. It does not cover abuse, intentional or otherwise. Abuse includes but is not limited to the following: use of the system outside of its intended use, damage resulting from incorrect wiring, over voltage, overloading, improper gearing or propping (overloading), motor selection, incorrect settings, insufficient batteries or connectors and/or poor solder joints on connectors. In short anything that can be considered abuse is not covered by the Tier One warranty.

Tier Two
This is what sets Castle Creations systems apart from all others. After a year of ownership or any damage that is the result of abuse, we will replace the damaged product for much less than the retail replacement.

Warranty Claims (Tier One)
In order to effectively process warranty claims, we ask that you utilize our online repair center to ensure all necessary information is obtained and reduce potential delays in the processing of your claim.

It is important to include the following information:

  • Product(s) being returned

  • Purchase Receipt with date of purchase

  • Nature of failure and details of your set up (vehicle, prop, cells, motor, etc.)

  • Contact information including name, phone number, and/or e-mail address, and return address

Make certain to package your product for safe transport!

Click here to process a warranty claim.

NOTE: Please do not send anything in for repair other than your controller (such as NiMH/NiCad packs, any Lithium Polymer batteries, servos, gyros, and etc.) unless specifically instructed to do so by our technical support staff.

Non-warranty Claims (Tier Two)
Repairs outside the warranty period or repairs that are necessary due to misuse, abuse, neglect, or incorrect wiring will be repaired at the current flat rate repair fee. Don't throw away your old speed control - all Castle Creations products have a core value!

Click here to process a non-warranty claim

Note: a $5.00 shipping fee will be added for domestic non-warranty repairs, $7.00 for Canadian non-warranty repairs, and $15.00 for international non-warranty repairs.

Note: Using controller outside of its intended performance specification (running outside of MAX voltage/current, gearing, or wrong application/vehicle). Physical damage including crash, or water submersion. Modification of controller such as soldering on controller, gluing items on the controller, potting the controller, etc. There are no user-serviceable parts on these controllers, we do not recommend attempts to repair or solder on the board. Note: warranty is for original purchaser of the product only. Warranty is non-transferable.

Ship your product(s) and paperwork to:
Castle Creations
540 N. Rogers Road, Olathe
Kansas 66062 USA
Please use a traceable delivery service.