Castle Creation's power systems are used in many different applications.  An extreme example would be the motor we manufacture for Kawak Aviation.  These motors are used in a firefighting helicopter's snorkel which can transfer huge volumes of water from a pool, pond, lake, etc into the helicopter's tanks.

At Castle Creations, we strive to be the best.   Since 1997, we have innovated, designed and built some of the most robust high performance electronic drives in use today.  How did we get there?   We started creating drives for the hobby market and quickly found new ways to drive motors.   With over a million units in the field, the consumer hobby market has put our designs to the test.   Our fans enjoy overpowering their vehicles which adds additional stress on our electronic drives.   The result has been great for the hobbyist as well as industrial and commercial companies throughout the world.  

Companies get the benefit of experienced design experts in motors and drives while enjoying the volume production and purchasing power of a consumer goods company.   The result is extremely robust designs that are fairly priced and backed by superior service.

Our commercial clients range from consumer goods to space and everything in-between.  Race cars, government/commercial UAV systems and robotics all powered by Castle.   We continue to service high volume applications and welcome your inquiry.  Just call us and asks for sales or email us at